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Clare’s Trip to Romania

Clare Cullen's Experience as Team Leader in Romania  We took our hard hats home with us. For me, my hat is a reminder of the wonderful builders we worked with. It’s a memory of the family we helped build a home for, the hardworking team, and the tiny bit of Romania...

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Law Society of Ireland in Malawi

Law Society of Ireland's Global Village Trip to Malawi  Helping families build strength, stability, and self-reliance Although we did a lot of preparation prior to travel, nothing could have prepared us for the warm welcome we received at the site. It was truly moving...

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A Celebration of International Women’s Day

A Celebration of International Women's Day Written by Anne Shaffer Myers, Global Advocacy Campaign Director, Habitat for Humanity International Today holds significance for many reasons, and rightly so — today is International Women’s Day. With thoughtful...

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Women’s Empowerment in Zambia

Our Pamwesu Project in Zambia: Women's Empowerment Since 2007, Irish Aid has co-funded Habitat for Humanity’s Pamwesu project in the Lusaka and Ndola provinces in Zambia. This project aims to promote equitable development and human rights amongst women, orphans and...

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Keeping Girls in School

Keeping Girls in School in the low-income areas of Lilongwe, Malawi As this year’s International Women’s Day strongly calls for #PressforProgress for gender parity, we take one example from Habitat EMEA region that has committed to putting young schoolgirls and women...

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Thriving in decent shelter

Thriving in Decent Shelter I rank No. 1 in the class No matter who we are or where we come from, we all deserve to have a decent life. Every single one of us deserves the opportunity for something better, and we all deserve to know we have the power to take care of...

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