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Succession Planning in Zambia

by communications on 02/17/2017

Despite the 1986 Zambian Intestate Succession Act, and the advocacy campaigns of several NGOs, there is still confusion about inheritance rights in Zambia – especially among women.

For many women in Zambia the loss of a husband means not just losing a loved one, but losing their home. Current laws do not prohibit women from inheriting property, but traditional laws still favour men. Women are rarely aware of their land or property rights, and few have written wills in place. Thus, women can become victims of property grabbing from male relatives, leaving themselves and their children vulnerable and without security.

Habitat for Humanity Zambia’s ‘Orphans and Vulnerable Children’ programme, co-funded by Irish Aid, aims to inform women and children of their rights, and support households in securing title to their land and in writing wills – helping to ensure long-term stability and resilience of families. The project empowers community members to advocate for improved land and housing policy. Through this programme, vulnerable families will gain security of tenure and inheritance protection – allowing them to plan their future, without fear of eviction.

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1 billion people live in slums

by communications on 02/09/2017

In our rapidly urbanising world, decent living conditions are becoming scarce. In 2050, an expected 70% of the world’s population will be living in urban areas.

The Kibera community in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, has an estimated population of more than 1 million people, making it the largest slum in all of Africa © Habitat for Humanity International/Steffan Hacker.

Cities are unprepared to accommodate this growth, especially in developing countries where formal structures are not in place.

Most new city dwellers live in informal settlements, which are often overcrowded, unsafe and unsanitary. One of the many reasons that slums and informal settlements develop is a lack of available financial services to help community members access better-quality materials, which would result in safer and healthier homes. Other reasons include land values and competition over land rights — increasing the potential for conflict. Often, the poor are forcibly evicted and pushed to the edge of cities to unplanned and poorly serviced areas.

People living in slums lack the crucial conditions they need to thrive. Slums lack sufficient living space, access to water and sanitation, durability, and secure tenure. In some countries, as much as 90 percent of urban populations live in slums.

To transform slums into sustainable communities, private and public sectors need to cooperate with communities to expand capacity and available resources. In order to prevent the number of slum dwellers from reaching 2 billion by 2030, as projected, slum upgrading must be prioritised to realise a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

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Strengthening Women’s Land Rights

February 1, 2017

Land tenure is one of the great challenges Habitat for Humanity faces in helping families access decent housing. Countless families around the world lack rights to the land on which they live. Just imagine the stress of knowing that any day you might be forced to move because someone else claims ownership of the place […]

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Rebuilding Stability in the Philippines

January 23, 2017

Habitat’s disaster response efforts around the world offer affected families a pathway to stability, providing shelter, assistance, education, training and partnerships. In 2013 Typhoon Haiyan, also know as Yolanda, killed 6,300 people and damaged or destroyed more than 1 million homes in the Philippines, according to government figures. Thanks to your generous support, Habitat for […]

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Basic house improvements changes lives.

January 13, 2017

Many people in Bulgaria live in housing conditions which are unacceptable under EU standards. Malcho Malchev is a settlement of 4,000 people on the outskirts of Targovishte, a small town in the east of Bulgaria. Living conditions are harsh. Bulgaria’s economy has been through a tough time and the local people are feeling it. Area residents […]

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How about doing something amazing in 2017?

January 6, 2017

“The joy and welcome we received from the community was extremely humbling. I felt very proud at the handover ceremony, where we gave the keys of two houses to two very deserving families. I would encourage anyone who is interested in getting involved to just do it.” – Jack Harte Giving your time and effort to […]

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A Better, More Secure Future

December 16, 2016

With a little help, we all have the potential to stand on our own. In Macedonia, Hristina and her husband Gjore wanted a better, more secure future for their 7-year-old daughter, Ivona. For years, Hristina and Gjore had lived in the same house with Gjore’s parents in their village, but longed for a home they could […]

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Our Pamwesu Project in Zambia: Family Selection Procedure

December 15, 2016

Since 2007, Irish Aid has co-funded Habitat for Humanity’s Pamwesu project in the Lusaka and Ndola provinces in Zambia. This project aims to promote equitable development and human rights amongst women, orphans and children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS in Zambia. This August, thanks to Irish Aid, and your incredible support, a new 3-year phase of this project […]

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A Brush With Kindness: Workday Volunteers

December 7, 2016

“Volunteering at East Wall Youth Club with Habitat for Humanity Ireland has been very enjoyable. It’s great to take a step back from work and give back to the community.” – Alyssa, Workday employee This December, Workday employees generously donated their time to Habitat for Humanity Ireland’s ‘A Brush With Kindness‘ project at East Wall […]

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Clare Cullen, Team Leader of Summer Youth Build 2016

November 25, 2016

There’s no Diet Coke in Romania! I discovered this fact several hours into my first overseas trip with Habitat for Humanity Ireland. As Team Leader to the Summer Youth Build, I had left Irish shores with a team of 16 year olds and landed in Bacau, Romania. Our team had travelled to Romania with a […]

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