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Wesley College 2013

Getting ready to work

Day One: The Wesley College volunteers get ready to start work.

In June 2013, almost 250 volunteers from Wesley College, Dublin spent a week working with Habitat for Humanity in Beius, Romania to help build 10 homes alongside the future homeowner families.

The initiative celebrated 10 years of volunteers from Wesley College travelling to Beius with Habitat for Humanity. Over the decade, almost 500 volunteers have participated on these trips, raising more than €700,000 and helping 31 families.

Ten teams went to Romania in 2013 to mark the decade long partnership with Habitat Ireland. Family and friends back at home were also kept up-to-date with goings on via a live video link and a ‘Building The Wesley Way‘ blog.

The community of houses has been named “Wesley Way” which is a permanent reminder of the strong connection between the community in Beius and the school in Ballinteer.

Karen Kennedy, the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Ireland, said they were tremendously grateful to the Wesley College community:

“This support has offered a hand up to families to lift themselves out of poverty. A simple, decent, affordable home provides a solid foundation for families to create a brighter future for their children. The volunteers also see a thriving community taking shape as the Habitat homeowners from previous years settle into their homes.”

Christopher Woods, Principal of Wesley College, said:

“It is a real privilege for our students to work as part of a team, and help a family build their home. During previous years we have seen how all of our students have had perspectives challenged and eyes opened in a very real way.

Teaming up with Habitat for Humanity provides our students with a breadth of experience, beyond the trip itself. Fundraising encourages an entrepreneurial spirit and fosters teamwork which is a valuable life experience.”

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