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Succession Planning in Zambia

Succession Planning in Zambia Leaving a written will simplifies matters after death and makes sure that your property passes on to those people that you want to inherit it. Despite the 1986 Zambian Intestate Succession Act, and the advocacy campaigns of several NGOs,...

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1 billion people live in slums

1 billion people live in slums In our rapidly urbanising world, decent living conditions are becoming scarce. In 2050, an expected 70% of the world’s population will be living in urban areas. Cities are unprepared to accommodate this growth, especially in developing...

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Strengthening Women’s Land Rights

Strengthening Women's Land Rights Land tenure is one of the great challenges Habitat for Humanity faces in helping families access decent housing. Countless families around the world lack rights to the land on which they live. Just imagine the stress of knowing that...

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