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Gertrude’s Story

This is Gertrude. She lives in her Habitat home in Makalulu, Zambia, with her twin daughters, Naomi and Ruth. Like many women in Zambia and around the world, Gertrude has struggled to give her daughters a safe & secure place to grow. In Zambia & Malawi, our...

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Reconnecting with our Souls- Lent Reflections

Mike Carscaddon is Habitat for Humanity International’s Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration and Chief Financial Officer. In his reflection he talks about the importance of Lent & the journey to Easter. We were therefore buried with him through...

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40 Positive Actions

This Lent, as we look towards the cross and prepare our hearts for Easter, commit to some of the suggested 40 suggested positive actions as a way to be more closely connected to Jesus. 1. Begin each day on your knees (if possible) with prayers of thanksgiving and...

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Zambia story: Odria Mulenga

Zambia story: Odria Mulenga  We are very grateful for this beautiful house. Finally, we have a beautiful home, many thanks to the volunteer team. My family will forever be grateful. Odria Mulenga is 55 years old and has lived in Chipulukusu Township for many years....

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Zambia story: Pokalasiyo Sakala

Zambia story: Pokalasiyo Sakala I am lost for words, the house is a source of pride and integrity for my family. Incidences of coughs among household members have drastically reduced due to the cement flooring in the new house. In addition, our new house has lockable...

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Zambia story: Hellen Nyirenda

Zambia story: Hellen Nyirenda   “Nitasha zikomo ku mulungu pali iyi nyumba”  Translated: “I am thankful to God for the house” Hellen Nyirenda, a widow and mother of six was excited about the future after benefiting from the Orphaned and Vulnerable Group housing...

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