Charity Partnerships

Charity Partnerships can make a significant and long-term difference to children and families living in poverty.

Whether you would like to support families here in Ireland or on one of our international programmes, then maybe a charity partnership is what you’ve been looking for? Below are just some of the initiatives that we are working on, that are forming the cornerstone of some exciting new charity partnerships. All of these can be tailored to suit your specific interests.

Our current partnership offerings:

250 Homes Initiative, Zambia

This initiative aims to support the construction of 250 homes in our Zambia programme.  You can support the construction of one home costing €3,500 or any number of homes.  You may even like to bring together a group of likeminded people whom together could support the construction of a home?

We are more than happy to talk to you about what works best for you, so please send us an email:

Buy a brick, Build a home

We’re asking companies, organisations and individuals all over Ireland to support the goal of eliminating housing poverty around the world, through the simple and straightforward act of buying a brick. It’s that simple.

Learn more here.

Homes for Homes Initiative

The Homes for Homes initiative is aimed at those involved in the construction sector here in Ireland, specifically those building homes. We are asking that you would consider supporting one of our overseas programme countries with a specific donation amount for each house you construct or sell here in Ireland. Each new home owner here in Ireland would be presented with a certificate in recognition of the fact that a family in one of our programme countries is also now a proud home owner because of your support for this scheme.

Local Programme Fund

Would you like to help a family in Dublin achieve their dream of owning their own home? Well you can with the Habitat for Humanity Home Renovation Fund.

How does it work?  It’s simple.  In partnership with Dublin City Council, Habitat for Humanity carry out renovation work on derelict properties that are then sold on at an affordable level (well below market rate) to families on the Dublin City Housing waiting list.

The cost of this programme is covered directly through our various fundraising initiatives.  An alternative to fundraising is the Local Programme Fund where you can invest anything from €5,000 upwards towards the cost of renovating.  Once the home has been renovated and sold, the investor then has 3 options available:

(1) Your investment can be paid back in full once the home is sold

(2) You can re-invest in the next home undergoing renovation

(3) Donate it directly to Habitat for Humanity

Tailored Partnerships

Do you like what you see, but you are still unsure?  Then maybe a specific tailored partnership is what you are looking for. If so please get in touch, we would be delighted to hear from you!

Corporate Partnerships

If you’re a company and are unsure of the above initiatives then check out our Corporate Partnership page here.

Become a Charity Partner!

Enquire now about forming a partnership with Habitat for Humanity Ireland.

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