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Habitat for Humanity Ireland is governed by a board of directors which provides leadership, strategic direction and controls the organisation.

The responsibility of the board includes setting the organisation’s strategic aims, identifying risks affecting the organisation, ensuring procedures are in place to manage the risks identified, approving policies and procedures, agreeing a reporting framework and reporting to stakeholders.  The board’s actions are subject to relevant legislation, regulations and the members in general meetings. No remuneration is paid to Directors for their services on the Board. The board meets regularly and delegates the day-to-day operation of the organisation to the Executive Director, management and staff.

Habitat for Humanity Ireland is signed up to the Dóchas Code of Governance, and is on the journey to compliance with the Governance Code.

President Michael D. Higgins is Patron of Habitat for Humanity Ireland.

Real engagement and meaningful participation by each and every citizen in building community and strengthening civil society is not just a hollow aspiration. The work undertaken by Habitat for Humanity and its partners on this project is a visible manifestation of the kind of transformational change that can take place when people mobilise around a positive vision and follow through with purposeful action.

Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland

Board Members

Torre Nelson
Torre Nelson joined the board in 2017. Torre is Area Vice President for Habitat for Humanity International Europe, Middle East, and Africa.
Michael Patrick
Michael Patrick joined the board in 2017. Michael is Associate General Counsel for Europe, Middle East & Africa at Habitat for Humanity International.
Juraj Stupka
Juraj Stupka joined the board in 2017. Juraj is Director, Finance and Administration, Europe, Middle East and Africa at Habitat for Humanity International.
Hilary Harp
Hilary Harp joined the board in 2017. Hilary is VP Legal and General Counsel at Habitat for Humanity International.

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