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In COVID’s first wave our colleagues in India supported more than 1.3 million people. Now as the crisis threatens to overwhelm the country they are urgently implementing COVID response plans to help those most in need and support the fragile health system.

India COVID Appeal

Our hearts break for the many lives lost due to COVID-19 in India.


The Covid-19 pandemic has plunged India’s healthcare system into crisis. More than 200,000 people have lost their lives, while at least 300,000 new infections have been reported every day in the past week. Hospitals have reached breaking point and are turning patients, desperate for oxygen, away. The country is now reporting more than two-fifths of the world’s Covid-19 cases.


With 2,084 dedicated hospitals in the country and 468,974 Covid-19 beds, which are at full capacity, it is devastating that people are dying at home and even on the streets outside hospitals, as the country struggles to cope.


More information on Habitat India’s COVID response can be found here 

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Our Impact

Habitat is well placed to respond, already working in 26 states; in partnership with local, grassroots, NGO’s and micro finance institutions throughout India to provide housing and sanitation solutions. In the first wave of the pandemic, Habitat reached more than 1.3 million people through emergency hygiene and family essentials kits, cash transfers and delivered 16 COVID Care Centres which have already provided bed spaces for over 4,000 people


Hygiene and Family Essential Kits

In the poorest communities Habitat will continue to provide vital hygiene kits to help keep families safe. In informal settlements 12 people live in 23m sq, often without adequate water and sanitation making social distancing impossible. Kits cost around £32 and include masks, soap, detergent and other household items as well as a thermometer and oximeter to help families monitor for early symptoms


Habitat COVID Care Centres

Habitat worked together with the government to provide 16 Covid-19 Care Centres which have already provided bed spaces for over 4,000 people. The centres boost the existing fragile health infrastructure, supporting vulnerable individuals to isolate or quarantine, keeping families safe and preventing transmission.


This increased capacity will remain in place after the pandemic abates, where appropriate, helping strengthen the healthcare system into the future.


In partnership with local government in some of the worst-hit states, Habitat India is prioritising the delivery of 10 additional Covid-19 Care Centres in Maharashtra (Pune and Ahmednagar), Uttar Pradesh (Ayodhya and Noida) and Rajasthan (Alwar).

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