Our Work in Ireland

Habitat for Humanity Ireland is committed to addressing housing needs in Ireland as well as overseas

Local Renovation Programme

Habitat for Humanity works to address inadequate housing in Ireland. We work in partnership with Dublin City Council, local government authorities, other non-profits and communities to renovate houses in Dublin to allow low income families the opportunity to buy their own home. See homeownership criteria below, and apply to become a Habitat homeowner today.

A Brush with Kindness

Habitat for Humanity Ireland’s A Brush with Kindness Programme is a grassroots lead initiative that brings together charities with commonly held goals to build healthy, resilient communities. We partner with like minded organisations to renovate or refurbish their housing or community facilities for vulnerable groups.This initiative enables our partners to increase their capacity to deliver their services while we work towards our vision of creating a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Throughout the work the wider community is engaged in the process. This encourages active, inclusive citizenship and promotes understanding among and between different sections of society.


Become a Habitat Homeowner

Habitat for Humanity Ireland works in partnership with Dublin City Council to renovate derelict properties around the city centre. These homes are sold to low income families to allow them to become first time homeowners.

There are three main criteria that people need to meet in order to be considered as suitable applicants to becoming homeowners with HFH. These are:

1.) Need. You must be in need of a home. For our current projects and for projects in the foreseeable future you must be on the Dublin City Council (DCC) Housing List. If you are not currently on the DCC housing list, your first step is to make an application to DCC to be put on the list.

2.) Ability to re-pay a mortgage. Habitat Homeowners are expected to be able to repay a mortgage as it is not a giveaway scheme. It is a “Hand up, not a Hand out”. This will usually mean being in reliable employment to meet the lending criteria of the lending institution who will provide your mortgage.

3.) Willingness to partner with Habitat and contribute “sweat equity” volunteer hours into the home.  Habitat for Humanity Ireland keeps the cost of the houses for the homeowners down by using volunteer workers where possible and donations of gift in kind and building materials on our projects. Our homeowners are part of this process as they are investing their time and effort in their own homes. No construction experience is required as all training will be provided on site by professionals.*

*Depending on applicant circumstances non-construction project involvement can be arranged.

Please note that the three qualification criteria above are all essential elements of becoming a Habitat Homeowner. Please be sure that you are capable of meeting all of these criteria before applying to become a homeowner.


Become a Habitat for Humanity Homeowner!

Enquire about Habitat’s Local Homeownership Programme today.

Email info@habitatireland.ie or call 01 531 0033