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Read some stories from Habitat beneficiaries and supporter about how becoming a Regular Giver can make a difference to the most vulnerable communities around the world.

In 2019, devastating floods caused by Cyclone Idai destroyed hundreds of homes across Malawi, including Eliza’s.

Her sisters and their parents were forced to live in one room, to escape the storms, which took their safety and security.

With support from Habitat for Humanity, Eliza’s family have a new home, built to withstand the rainy season. She and her sisters have a safe place to live, without worry or fear.

Shishir’s family didn’t own the land their home was built on. His parents worried that at any time, their home could be repossessed.

Habitat Nepal worked with the government to support families like Shishir’s, ensuring that they have legal titles to their land. Secure tenure is key, giving families peace of mind, knowing their home won’t be taken from them without warning.

“I feel blessed my children will getto sleep peacefully. They will have a better life here,” said Shishir’s father.

Due to their poor living conditions and lack of sanitation facilities, Senghouch’s family were often ill. Without clean drinking water or a toilet, Senghouch said she felt they were in a hopeless situation.

Habitat for Humanity supports water and sanitation progammes across Cambodia, building water pumps, toilet blocks and implementing hygiene training.

Standing in her new Habitat home, Senghouch said, “We are happier, healthier and finally building our future!”

When I came home I realised going on a trip would never be enough! I signed up to contribute monthly via direct debit, it was so simple to do. It has been the easiest thing to continue to support Habitat’s work, every day and I can’t say enough how much I value having even a small connection to such an amazing charity!

Sharon Tennant

Regular Giver