Spread the word about World Habitat Day

Help us spread the word about the importance of World Habitat Day by promoting it on social media and the web.

Our social media toolkit gives you the resources you need to help promote World Habitat Day on the web and social media leading up to and during our local and global events.

Facts you can include on social media:

– On World Habitat Day, Habitat for Humanity joins the United Nations and organisations around the world in raising awareness, educating, and mobilising individuals and communities to take action on the current global housing crisis.

– During World Habitat Day, Habitat draws attention to the important role decent housing plays in removing barriers to opportunity, success and health that might have been part of a family’s life for years, if not generations.

Please make sure you use the hashtag #WorldHabitatDay.

Click on the photos of below to download our social media and web graphics and help us get the word out about World Habitat Day.

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