Who we help

Since 1976, our supporters and volunteers have helped more than 9.8 million people access their basic human right to a safe, decent place to live.

Here is who we help with the support of our generous donors:

– Vulnerable populations, including orphans, older people, and those affected by HIV/AIDS

– Single-parent households, often headed by women

– Marginalised populations

– Low-income families

Habitat Homeowner Stories

Annabel, Philippines

“After Typhoon Haiyan, we stayed up in the hills for around two weeks. Our house was totally destroyed, a crumbled ruin, and we had nowhere to go. There was a lot of crying.”

who we help

Brenda, Zambia

“I love the solid floor in our new home. It keeps out the damp and all the insects.”

who we help

Hongu Family, Romania

 “It will be such a big change…I don’t think we can realise it right now.”

who we help

Stella, Dublin

“I feel really happy in my new home. I have lovely neighbours and feel like I’ve been here forever.”

who we help

Samjhana, Nepal

“Home is a place where family can rest, and children can grow up well. Now that I see my new house being constructed, I feel like I have found a place to proudly call home.”

who we help

Marlito Sarda, Philippines

“It’s a simple home. But compared to four months of sleeping on scrap materials under a tarp, it is a palace. It will be much easier to take care of my nephews and keep them safe in this new house. I feel good about that.”

who we help

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