We build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter.

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Support our India COVID Appeal

In COVID’s first wave our colleagues in India supported more than 1.3 million people. Now as the crisis threatens to overwhelm the country they are urgently implementing COVID response plans to help those most in need and support the fragile health system.

Habitat for Humanity Ireland

Build Solid Ground

1 in 4 people in our world don’t have a safe place to live. Access to land for shelter is at the heart of reducing poverty. Without land, there can be no housing and housing is the key to stability and opportunity.

Raise your voice today, and join Habitat’s Build Solid Ground campaign.

What we do

Our vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live. As a global housing organisation, we fight poverty by partnering with people and communities all over the world – helping them to build or improve a place they can call home.

Build with us

Our Global Village volunteering programme invites you to join volunteers from around Ireland in fighting poverty housing. You will travel overseas and help a family to build a home, strengthen their community, and enrich both their lives and your own.

Habitat for Humanity Ireland

Housing Need

We are experiencing a global housing crisis. One in four people live in poor housing.

Habitat for Humanity Ireland

Our Programmes

We work in many ways to build a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Habitat for Humanity Ireland


Meet some of the inspiring families who have partnered with Habitat for Humanity worldwide.

Habitat for Humanity Ireland

Solid Ground

Our Solid Ground advocacy campaign is changing land policies and systems around the world.

 Where we build

Habitat for Humanity Ireland