As an organisation that builds homes, communities and hope, Habitat for Humanity is calling for an end to the violence that threatens all three.

Europe is now facing the largest humanitarian crisis of a lifetime as the conflict in Ukraine has led to a surge of refugees fleeing to neighbouring countries, or internally displaced in Ukraine itself.

Right now the UNHCR estimates that more than 7 million people have fled Ukraine, with a further 7 million people displaced internally, in Ukraine.

Our colleagues in Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia remain focused on supporting refugees who have fled Ukraine, including those who have arrived following the recent, deadly attacks.

We will continue praying for peace and an end to the conflict so that families can stay in the places they call home. 

Support for war-affected families in Ukraine

The government in Ukraine estimates that 1.7 million people are currently living in damaged homes or buildings, which cannot protect them from the harsh winter temperatures, which are expected to be as low as -20 degrees.

Habitat for Humanity is now partnering with organisations in Ukraine to help repair war damaged buildings, community infrastructure and to create safe spaces in basements of multi-apartment buildings where families can shelter comfortably from air raids. In the short-term, we plan to serve more than 3,000 families and the work is scalable with more support. In the long-term there will be huge need to support and plan for housing recovery. Learn more about Habitat’s response in Ukraine here.

Support from individuals, companies schools and churches in communities across Ireland makes this response possible. Donate today.


Habitat Romania: Roberto Patrasciou

100 days of war: Habitat’s Response

Habitat Poland: Maciej Kosiorek

Fundraise for Ukraine

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Marina’s Story

Marina and her children were forced to leave their homes behind, fleeing the violence in Ukraine.

Read her full story here

Donating Items

We appreciate the compassion which motivates the enquiries we have had about donating items to send to Ukraine, or bordering countries. Our experience shows that logistics and distribution can add to the burden of affected communities in disaster response. Organisations on the ground are best placed to understand the immediate needs and deliver them to the right places.

Instead, Habitat has launched this appeal to support those being forced to flee their homes. Sending funds will enable our colleagues in Romania, Poland, Slovakia or Hungary, alongside partners to coordinate the response, source items locally and distribute them to those most in need.