As an organisation that builds homes, communities and hope, Habitat for Humanity is calling for an end to the violence that threatens all three.

Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine in February 2022, more than 13 million people have been forced to leave their homes behind.

The conflict has destroyed Ukraine’s infrastructure, decimated businesses and levelled homes as families flee for their lives, taking little or nothing with them, desperate for stability, warmth, and a place to live in safety and dignity. Habitat has been on the ground in bordering countries since the very beginning, support those most in need with short, mid and long-term housing solutions.

Over the last 12 months, Habitat have served more than 35,000 people through a range of interventions.

From emergency travel kits with items such as blankets and hygiene products to rental assistance and hotel vouchers, Habitat has been supporting refugees from Ukraine to have a safe place to stay. We have also refurbished vacant buildings and spaces, providing upgrades to collective shelters to house larger numbers of refugees.

As we cross the war’s one-year threshold, we are applying this Pathways to Permanence approach for the first-time inside Ukraine—where an estimated 140,000 residential buildings have been damaged or destroyed—while we continue to strengthen our response in neighbouring countries. Read Habitat’s one-year response report here.

While the news media and public eye has largely moved away from Ukraine, Habitat is working in Ukraine and bordering countries to support those displaced by the conflict. The need is huge.

A Warm Glow in a Dark Place

Volunteer Warren tells us about his experience with Habitat in Poland & the new project, providing stoves in Ukraine.

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Your support can be a light in the dark

As the war in Ukraine enters its second year, Habitat for Humanity remains committed to helping affected families secure durable solutions to their housing needs, whether in neighbouring countries or inside Ukraine.

Right now, with your support, we can help more families in Ukraine have warmth and hope by providing stoves, generators and the building materials needed for immediate repairs.

Anything you can afford will directly support the work in Ukraine. Donate today.

Habitat Romania: Roberto Patrasciou

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Habitat Poland: Maciej Kosiorek

Fundraise for Ukraine

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Marina’s Story

Marina and her children were forced to leave their homes behind, fleeing the violence in Ukraine.

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