volunteer stories

Volunteer Stories

Michael Nugent

“My life has changed for the better since that first venture into Zambia. The quiet example of the Zambian people has never left me and by adopting a part of their attitude to life and friends, I have become a happier person. I do not think I could pass a year without visiting Zambia. It has become a major part of my life and when I am home, I miss it every week.”

volunteer stories

Clare Cullen

“I could write forever about the kindness of the families, and how welcome they made our team feel. Even though there were language, age, and cultural barriers, we all left the work site that evening with an unshakeable feeling of happiness. Knowing exactly for whom we were working made the world of difference to our humble team.”

volunteer stories

Aislinn Hayes and Rachel Bohan

“It was amazing to meet the families that had already moved into their homes. We got to hear their stories, what it was like in the aftermath of the typhoon, how they have tried to rebuild their lives, and their hopes for the future and the future of their children.”

volunteer stories

Declan Murphy

“For going on a Habitat for Humanity trip is much for than a simple act of benevolence, it is a cultural exchange. Our gift was monetary in nature and the gift of the Zambian people was their beautiful culture, which they gave selflessly.”

volunteer stories

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