Decent housing in Zambia’s urban areas remains unattainable and unaffordable for most people and slums abound. Most struggle to afford the frequent necessary repairs to their mud, wattle and grass thatch roof homes. 

In towns and cities, 1.3 million homes are urgently needed.

Cracked and broken walls invite rain and rodents into houses, which in turn pose serious health risks. Families are crowded into a single room, which usually also serve as a kitchen. Children are exposed daily to life-threatening environments.

Our partnership with Zambia is focused on supporting Habitat’s Orphaned and Vulnerable Children programme which is building homes for the most vulnerable, training Change Agents to speak out about secure tenure and other issues affecting their community and providing construction skills training for young people.

Currently the partnership with Zambia is focused on supporting the country’s emergency response to COVID, including a solar water pump in Kabwe.

The project (photos right) will ensure safe storage of clean water at a household level by providing storage containers to 236 households in Makululu, and will provide hygiene training and support for vulnerable households.

Watch the video below to see Habitat’s COVID response:

We used to suffer, but now we are happy, and our children are happy.

Charity, Habitat homeowner

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