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“We’re Blessed. Words Can’t Even Express It.”

Jenny and Keith’s Story

Habitat For Humanity Corporate Volunteering

Jenny and Keith in their Habitat home in Dublin, Sept 2014. With the escalating housing crisis in the city there are so many more families trapped in terrible circumstances. Your help can give them a chance. (c) Habitat for Humanity Ireland

Jenny and Keith woke up with a start. Baby Alex was crying in her cot. Their son Nathan, just four, was coughing loudly and scratching his eczema raw. It was agony to listen to. Agony to see. Everyone was awake now. As usual.

All because of the mould.

The damp.

The one tiny bedroom they all shared.

They both worked hard. Keith as an addiction counsellor. Jenny took care of the kids. On modest wages, in the depths of the recession they just couldn’t afford to rent in the private market. They felt they had no hope of getting a mortgage. So they never even applied. What they wanted most in the world was a proper home for Nathan and Alex. But they were on the Dublin City Council housing waiting list for five years with no end in sight. Exhausted all the time. No space. Worried about their children’s health. “There was nowhere to go for us”, Jenny says, “We felt really hopeless”.

Jenny and Keith’s tale has a happy ending, thanks to people like you. They now live in a three-bedroom home in Dublin with their young family. Their children are settled in school. Their health problems are a thing of the past. To top it all off, Jenny and Keith will be getting married next year.

Habitat for Humanity Corporate Volunteering

Keith and Jennifer at their home dedication ceremony. (c) Habitat for Humanity Ireland

This would not have been possible without the help they got through Habitat’s Corporate Partnership programme. People like you and companies like yours changed their lives forever.

Jenny and Keith are the lucky ones. Sadly, more Irish families find themselves in desperate situations every day.

The Dublin housing crisis has grown alarmingly in 2014
• House prices have soared by 25% in the past year.
• Rents have jumped 10%
• The number of applications for social housing has leapt by over 20%.
• More than a third of applicants live in overcrowded conditions.
Over 1,000 applicants are homeless.

By joining Habitat Ireland’s corporate volunteering programme you will give parents like Jenny and Keith peace of mind and help children like Alex and Nathan to have a brighter future.

The Business Case: Engage your Staff

The benefits of Habitat’s corporate partnership are not only felt by our homeowners, but by the company too. Volunteering improves employee morale, causing a knock on effect throughout the business.

A recent study in Ireland found that:
• 87% of employees who volunteered with their companies had an improved view of their employer.
• A whopping 82% felt more committed to the organisation they worked for.

(Source: Give and Gain Day Report 2010)
Habitat for Humanity Corporate Volunteering

Volunteers from Salesforce onsite at 7 Williams Place, Dublin, with site supervisor Dave. (c) Habitat for Humanity Ireland

The Business Case: Improve your Bottom Line

A Gallup analysis found that, for companies with more engaged staff:
profitability jumped by 16% on average.
• general productivity was 18% higher than for other companies.
• customer loyalty was 12% higher.
• Quality of work jumped by an incredible 60%.

(Source: Gallup Meta-Analysis Report 2006, HBR)


Habitat has successfully partnered with numerous Irish-based companies and our list of corporate volunteers includes Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Whirlpool, CitiGroup, AIB, Vodafone, Salesforce and Clancourt Management, who make a difference on both local and global projects.

They have nothing but praise for Habitat’s Corporate Partnership.

“This project will most certainly have a great impact on the community and bring many benefits…We feel a great sense of achievement working onsite and will be coming back for more.”Carin Bryans, MD. JPMorgan Ireland

“It’s amazing to see the impact Habitat is having on the lives of families and communities in Ireland.” Mark Stanley, VP, Salesforce. Working on his second Habitat house.

“It’s great for employees to get the chance to work together in aid of a good cause. Here at Salesforce we love volunteering with Habitat.” – Stephane Maurin, Salesforce.

“It’s great that SAP give us the opportunity to take a day to do this. They choose to help us to do something positive. Even when doing something small, like some painting, you can see the good it does and it was very therapeutic!”Nicola Coates, SAP

Habitat for Humanity Corporate Volunteering

AIB’s team from September 2013. (c) Habitat for Humanity Ireland.

At Habitat, we ensure that our Corporate Partnership works to everyone’s benefit. We know what we’re doing. We’re good at this. We have looked after hundreds of volunteers over the years. We know just how to make sure your staff will have a safe, fun and rewarding day.

We have volunteering opportunities all year round. We can work with you to arrange anything from a single day of volunteering to an ongoing partnership.

Of course, it takes funds as well as volunteers to help make these life-changing opportunities possible. Our partner companies provide a gift of €1000 per volunteer team. This helps pay for site-supervision, insurance and safety materials for your staff. It also helps pay for building costs – making the home affordable for your partner family.

So why not join the growing list of Habitat Ireland supporters – companies like AIB, JP Morgan, Salesforce, SAP, and Sandisk – in building a world where everyone has a decent place to live?

View our latest campaign letter here.


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