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Corporate Partnership

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Are your employees ready to make a difference by volunteering in Dublin?

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Habitat for Humanity Ireland’s Corporate Partnership programme is a fantastic opportunity to build your team, invest in your local community and boost staff morale. This programme brings people together to create brighter, more vibrant communities in Dublin. Employees spend one day onsite with Habitat in Dublin, helping to renovate a derelict property and in the process helping to provide a family with a safe and decent home.

Habitat Partner Families

“We are planning to have a baby and this home will provide security for the next generation.”MD and Helena

“There’s security in knowing where I’m going to be in 10 or 20 years – it means I can have a future here.”Lynn

 “The kids are doing really well in school. I am currently studying to be a midwife. We now have space. I can sit in the kitchen and do college work.”Jenny

“This home has given us the space we need, allowed us to have a better standard of living and the security of owning your own home.” – Fiona

“It’s all been a bit of a whirlwind – having a decent home to live in. In ten years I see us well settled here. Zayne and Zianna will be in secondary school. Both kids will be entering their teens in a settled, happy home. If I can have that I’ll be content.”Daryl

Corporate Partners

Habitat has successfully partnered with numerous Irish-based companies including Salesforce, SanDisk, SAP, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Whirlpool, CitiGroup, AIB, Vodafone, JPMorgan, BBH and Clancourt Management.

“This project will most certainly have a great impact on the community and bring many benefits…We feel a great sense of achievement working onsite and will be coming back for more.”Carin Bryans, MD. JPMorgan Ireland

“It’s amazing to see the impact Habitat is having on the lives of families and communities in Ireland.” Mark Stanley, VP, Salesforce. Working on his second Habitat house.

“It’s great for employees to get the chance to work together in aid of a good cause. Here at Salesforce we love volunteering with Habitat.” – Stephane Maurin, Salesforce.

“It’s great that SAP give us the opportunity to take a day to do this. They choose to help us to do something positive. Even when doing something small, like some painting, you can see the good it does and it was very therapeutic!”Nicola Coates, SAP

Read about Wells Fargo CEO John Harvey and what he had to say about their corporate partnership with Habitat for Humanity Ireland, click here.

 Sign up or Learn more

At Habitat, we have volunteering opportunities all year round. We can work with you to arrange anything from a single day of volunteering to an ongoing partnership.

Of course, it takes funds as well as volunteers to help make these life-changing opportunities possible. Our partner companies provide a donation depending on team size and project. This helps pay for site-supervision, insurance and safety materials for your staff. It also helps pay for building costs – making the home affordable for your partner family.

So why not join the growing list of Habitat Ireland supporters in building a world where everyone has a decent place to live?

Call Clare on 01 531 0033 or email

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